Some Information On The Processor

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The ALU in the processor 9 arithmetic logic unit carries out the calculations in the processor

The control unit manages the fetching, decoding and executing of instructions.

Registers are a temporary storage area for things such as data being processed, instructions being executed and addresses of memory locations


This weeks homework

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Real numbers have whole numbers, rational numbers and irrational numbers. a real number is know as a floating point in computing

floating point representation is a real number that is stored as two seperate bits and a mantissa is where you store all those complete numbers that dont have a point in them

an exponent holds the number of places that the point in a number must be moved for it to eventually end up at the left hand side

10110.110 = 0101

RIP Steve Jobs

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Steve changed the way we used things like the computer the phone and alot more by using his amazing knowledge to create brilliant pieces of tech. He simply changed the way we played games, communicate and use the internet. He should not be forgotten for everything he has given us which the things he created most of us use now.


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high level languages is what we can understand easy and low level languages is what computers can understand easier and we cant understand as well. you can create a macro in microsoft excel, word or filemaker pro.Macros work by recording a specific thing that you want the computer to do easier and more efficiently.

documentation, evaluation and maintenance

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Documentation is used to help people understand how to use a program, install it, know the version of the program and more. There is multiple types of guides and some of them are; the user guide which teaches the user how to work and use the program and the technical guide which tells you the info about the program and how to install it.

Evaluation is when the client reviews the program that they told the programmers to make and make sure its what he wanted and not something totally different.

Maintenance is where you can alter the program once its finished, fix bugs and errors and other updates to it so it can run on other operating systems if the client has changed from a pc to a mac


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During the testing phase of the software development process its important and cost effective to test a program bit by bit to make sure the program is working properlly. If its not and there is some bugs/errors then its easy to spot as your only testing small sections at a time so you should know where you went wrong or what happened to cause an error. Some errors that can happen during the designing stage are bad time planning, poor error handling, incomplete logic and a few others. There can be many errors during the coding stage also like syntax errors, errors writing in variable names and many others.

what are chat programs?

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What is a chat program?

Online chat can refer to any kind of communication over the Internet, but is primarily meant to refer to direct one-on-one chat or text-based group chat (formally also known as synchronous conferencing), using tools such as instant messengers, Internet Relay Chat, and talkers.

What is the difference between a chat and IM?

Chatting and chat rooms are a type of live on line communication. For example a chat room about articles would mean live talk about articles from people in the specific room. Also in these rooms people you are chating with may be anybody from anywhere in the world. This can be dangerous if you are not good with on line safety. IM is a lot safer than than chat rooms. In this type of live communication the people you talk to are only the people you add to your “buddy list”. Also the people you talk to this way should be people you know, because once again you added them.

An overview of a chat and IM i have used.

 The most popular IM that i have used is windows live messenger where you can add your friends and talk to them 1 on 1 or either create a group of as many friends as you want to chat. you can play games and live call with anyone on your friends list. Theres always alot to do on windows live messenger and its always getting updates and being made better and easy to use. Theres only 1 bad point about windows live messenger tho is that if you are sent a link and you dont know what it is and you click on it you may end up getting a virus so never click a link you are unsure of.

I often use a chat from where people can stream live videos of anything but they also have a chat next to it so you can chat and watch. On this chat you can talk to anyone who is in it most of the time it wont ever be your friends it will be randoms from all over the world. There’s not much you can do on chat programs but chat other than that its pretty boring. A bad thing is that someone may say they are someone who there not which is never good and you should never trust them.

What is a nick name?

A nickname is basically what someone calls you but that isn’t your name like my name is Andrew and some people call me Andy.

What is ment by a friend or buddy list?

Its were the people you have added go to so you can quickly click there name to chat to them or whatever other options come up when u go on there name.

What is an emotion?

An emotion is basically an face with an emotion like 🙂 or 😦 there just some of the basic emotions.